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Ivan Perisic leaving Hajduk Split?

Perišić's contract expires at the end of August. The club wants him to stay, but the decision is up to him.

Perišić is under contract until the end of August. The club wants him, but the decision is his.

Perišić is under contract until the end of the eighth month. We want him, but the decision is up to him.

Perišić will be a free player at the end of the season after his contract with Tottenham expires. The initial agreement was that he would immediately sign a new contract with Hajduk, but the fate of such an outcome is uncertain for now. It is mentioned that the Croatian representative would like to play in Spain, the only one of the top five leagues in which he has not played.

It is uncertain what Perišić's plans are. Much depends on the results of the national team at Euro in Germany. A new success of the 'Vatreni' would secure him an opportunity for another engagement abroad.

Perišić's status for the next season is uncertain. He does not have a signed contract, but there is a public announcement about a potential agreement to continue with Hajduk.

It is uncertain whether Ivan Perišić will continue to stay, that is the task of the new sports director.

Ivan Perišić is expected to start on the left wing and is looking for his first goal at Poljud in a Hajduk senior team jersey. His loan from Tottenham is ending and he will become a free agent. The importance of keeping Perišić is emphasized, as he could potentially choose where to go next after the Euros. The fact that he did not win a trophy with Hajduk could possibly stir local-patriotic motives in him, which would be great for Hajduk.

Ivan Perišić might leave Hajduk after the current season.

Perišić's loan expires at the end of the season and then his contract with Tottenham. As a free agent, he can sign for Hajduk, which was announced by the former president of Hajduk, Lukša Jakobušić, upon Perišić's arrival, but a lot has changed since then. No one expected the club to collapse so much and say goodbye to the trophy in just a few games, as if NO would dismiss Jakobušić. However, the new president Ivan Bilić wants to keep Perišić at all costs, even until winter. Keeping such a class would be the foundation for a brighter future.

Perišić's future remains uncertain. It is not known whether he will stay at Hajduk after this season, but yesterday's goal suggests that he is returning to form after a serious knee injury. We can't know what state he will be in at the European Championship in Germany, which starts in a month. Hajduk still doses his minutes and he has not played a full 90 minutes once, but however much he plays, Perišić can make a difference at any moment.

Ivan Perišić is currently on loan at Hajduk Split from Tottenham. The club's new president, Ivan Bilić, has expressed his desire to keep Perišić. However, if he fully recovers and plays in the European Championship in Germany, there will surely be interest from wealthy clubs, especially from the Arab world.

Ivan Perišić arrived at Hajduk from Tottenham in January. He plays for one euro per month at Hajduk, but he has certain bonuses if Hajduk qualifies for the groups of European competitions. Perišić has a clause according to which he can leave Hajduk for a certain amount. After a poor end to the season, there were rumors that the 35-year-old winger will leave Hajduk this summer.

There is a possibility that Ivan Perišić might leave Hajduk in the next transfer window.

The article mentions that fans understand if Perišić decides not to play for Hajduk next season, implying a potential transfer. However, no specific potential new club or country is mentioned.

Mentioned as part of the roster for the current season. No further transfer details provided.