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Bernardo Silva Transfer from Manchester City to FC Bayern München

Bayern Munich is interested in signing Bernardo Silva. They are willing to meet his release clause of approximately 59M€. Silva is still under contract with Manchester City for 2 more years, and his profile is highly regarded by Vincent Kompany.

Paris Saint Germain and Bayern Munich have also shown interest in his situation and, obviously, the economy of both clubs is in a better state of health than that of Barcelona.

If FC Barcelona doesn't make a move, Bernardo Silva is open to discussing with other clubs capable of handling his transfer. Bayern Munich is one of the clubs interested in him.

Bayern Munich will try to thwart Barcelona's plans this summer. The Munich club presents its financial resources and its ability to raise the stakes as its argument. After the terrible affront suffered in the Bundesliga with the loss of the title in favor of Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich intends to restore order and strengthen itself. For that, they could put the price without necessarily reaching 9-digit sums.

Bayern Munich is also interested in Bernardo Silva. However, for Silva to transfer to a new club, there are conditions that need to be met: the return of the 1:1 rule, a big sale, and a competitive offer that, even if it's lower, isn't far behind those of Barcelona and PSG.

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