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C. Lenglet Transfer from FC Barcelona to Aston Villa

Clement Lenglet, who just qualified with Aston Villa for the Champions League for the first time in four decades of the Birmingham club. The 'villain' team is very happy with the performance that the 28-year-old defender has offered in his loan season. This was made clear by the director of football operations, the Spaniard Damià Vidagany, on Radio Marca. 'Lenglet has had an impressive season,' said the executive. Asked about the performance of the defender who has a contract in force with FC Barcelona until 2026, Vidagany elaborated on the performance that the footballer has given at Villa Park. 'Lenglet has performed at a very high level at Aston Villa, at the level of the best central defenders in the Spanish League,' he stressed, while specifying that the defender 'is fulfilling a season on loan with us, without an option to buy'. With the ticket for the great European competition secured, Vidagany advanced that Aston Villa's intention is to 'consolidate a very interesting project, with resources to grow and continue to be one of the best clubs in England'.

C. Lenglet

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