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F. Chiesa Transfer from Juventus to Napoli

Where would I see him better? Not at Juve, if there is no unity of purpose in the environment. I would recommend any other club to him, whether it's Napoli.

Napoli is highly interested in acquiring Federico Chiesa. The odds of his transfer to Napoli are 2.25 on Goldbet.

Federico Chiesa's name has been linked with Napoli in the transfer market. Giovanni Cobolli Gigli, former president of Juventus, mentioned that Chiesa currently seems like a foreign body to Juventus and it needs to be seen if he fits into Thiago Motta's plans.

Thiago Motta and Giuntoli are both in favor of a potential swap deal involving Chiesa and Raspadori. Juventus has communicated to Chiesa their intention to move forward without him in their new technical project. Chiesa is intrigued by the idea of working with Conte.

Napoli is another potential destination for Federico Chiesa. An exchange deal between Juventus and Napoli involving Chiesa and Giacomo Raspadori is being considered. The value of both players is approximately 25 million, but due to Chiesa's contract expiring in June, his value is slightly lower. A compensation of around 5 million in favor of Napoli could be a valid point for both clubs.

Swap deal with Giacomo Raspadori. The deal is being discussed to satisfy the needs of both coaches.

Napoli is considering acquiring Federico Chiesa from Juventus as a potential replacement for Jesper Lindstrom.

Salvatore Aronica mentioned that he wouldn't be surprised by a potential acquisition of Chiesa by Napoli.

There are discussions about a potential player exchange between Juventus and Napoli, involving Federico Chiesa and Giovanni Di Lorenzo. Juventus aims to capitalize on the sale of Chiesa, whose contract expires in 2025, and may receive an additional financial compensation.

There are discussions about a potential swap deal involving Federico Chiesa and Giovanni Di Lorenzo. Juventus wants at least 35 million EUR for Chiesa.

There are doubts about Chiesa moving to Napoli due to their lack of Champions League participation and career investment concerns.

Napoli is interested in acquiring Federico Chiesa. The transfer is related to Chiesa's relationships with Antonio Conte. However, Napoli may struggle to meet his financial demands.

Napoli is interested in Federico Chiesa.

Napoli is interested in Federico Chiesa, whose contract expires in 2025.

Federico Chiesa's future is uncertain, with discussions ongoing. While Juventus is waiting for a potential offer from the Premier League, there is also interest from Napoli and Roma.

Federico Chiesa is especially liked by Napoli, who could more easily meet Juventus' financial demands.

If Chiesa arrives, he will play on the right side in a 3-4-3 formation with Kvara on the left and Lukaku in the center.

Chiesa must decide to renew his contract or be sold. There are high demands from his entourage and possibly an important offer from Napoli.

Chiesa's time at Juventus seems to be at a crossroads. He is not an untouchable player at Juventus both for tactical reasons and because the new contract could be very expensive. Napoli, under the direction of Conte, is one of the interested teams. However, anyone who wants him will have to deal with a significant wage. He is on the market, and a swap could become a reality if all parties involved are willing.

Federico Chiesa and Juventus are more distant. The player wants to decide his future without any pressure. There has been a general slowdown between the parties. After the first, true season after returning from injury, Juventus and the player have matured the idea that there is life beyond that marriage signed in 2020. Chiesa, who earns about 5 million, who also has a non-trivial starting cost - 40 million - is considered a real opportunity for teams like Napoli and Roma.

The future of Federico Chiesa is still all to be written. The number 7 bianconero is currently engaged (and focused) in the azzurra expedition in Germany for Euro2024 and so it will be until the end of the adventure of Spalletti's men, hoping that this can be as late as possible. At that point, it will be possible to start defining more specifically the fate of the class '97. For several weeks now his future has been a topic of discussion, with Napoli and Roma observing interested in any market developments ready to make their move. Almost everything, however, remains tied to the possible extension of the player with Juventus, with the current contract expiring in June 2025. According to the latest collected by TMW, Juventus will propose the renewal to the player only after the European championship is concluded. The duration of the extension is at stake, with hypotheses leading to the renewal-bridge until 2026 or a more distant expiration. But also economic issues, with the parties remaining distant in their respective evaluations. Should the black smoke arrive at that point, Chiesa would end up on the market (to not lose him to zero later on). But his fate could regardless be far from Continassa: with an offer of 30 million cash, in fact, the bianconero management could give the green light to his sale. A few more weeks of waiting then, then Juventus, Federico Chiesa, Napoli and Roma will be able to shed more light on the situation.

Federico Chiesa and Juventus do not seem to be on the path to continue together. Napoli - according to 'Calciomrcato- is a good option for the forward, who has already said that he will not decide until after the Eurocup and that, in any case, his wish is more directed to the Premier League

Federico Chiesa has to decide on his future. He has two options: try to renew his contract with Juventus or transfer to another club. Juventus might let him go for around 40 million euros. Napoli is one of the clubs showing strong interest. There's a scheduled meeting between Chiesa's agent, Fali Ramadani, and Cristiano Giuntoli.

Federico Chiesa and Juventus are getting more distant. The possibility of the two parties coming together is decreasing more and more. However, Chiesa earns about 5 million and has a non-trivial starting cost - 40 million. Therefore, Chiesa is considered a real opportunity for teams like Napoli and Roma, which are still at the interest tapes.

Giuntoli hasn't found an agreement with Chiesa's entourage and without a contract extension, it's hard to imagine the ex-Fiorentina staying in Turin. There are many contenders for Chiesa, with Napoli and Roma in the lead, but Juventus won't go below 40 million for a possible sale.

Cristiano Giuntoli has not yet reached an agreement with Chiesa's entourage and without a contract extension, it is hard to imagine the former Fiorentina staying in Turin. The contenders for Chiesa are not lacking - with Napoli and Roma in pole position. However, Juventus will not go below 40 million for a possible sale.

Federico Chiesa is reportedly in discussion for a transfer from Juventus to Napoli. The player's contract with Juventus is not being renewed, and the transfer is valued at 35-40 million euros.

Juventus has not yet reached an agreement with Chiesa's entourage and without the contract extension, it is hard to imagine him staying at Juventus for the 2024/2025 season. Juventus is asking for a figure close to 40 million for Chiesa, with Napoli and Roma being the main interested clubs.

Antonio Conte, who is discussing the final details before starting a new adventure at Napoli, is very interested in the former Fiorentina player. Napoli is waiting to see if they can make a move.

Federico Chiesa from Juventus is also being sought by Napoli.

Federico Chiesa, who has not played at his usual level after recovering from a serious injury, could leave Juventus. His current contract is valid until 2025, and this summer could be the last opportunity to earn from him. Napoli is very interested in him.

The Napoli club is considering Federico Chiesa as a counteroffer in the potential transfer of Giacomo Raspadori to Juventus.

Antonio Conte, the imminent new coach of Napoli, is interested in Federico Chiesa as a potential replacement for Kvaratskhelia.

Federico Chiesa, after a couple of troubled seasons, might decide to leave Juventus to become a key player again. He could join Napoli.

Federico Chiesa has only one year of contract with Juventus and will have to decide how to handle his future. There are many market rumors about him, especially from Roma and Napoli in Italy, and also from abroad, specifically from Premier League clubs, especially Arsenal.

Federico Chiesa's contract with Juventus is up for renewal in June 2025. Chiesa has expressed interest in staying with Juventus, but this depends on future plans with the club. Currently, no agreement has been reached on the renewal. Juventus would like to avoid losing Chiesa for free next year, but is not willing to make concessions in terms of salary. Chiesa would like a salary adjustment. The situation is fluid as there may be a short extension of one year to avoid the expiry problem and the risk of a free goodbye, and wait for news from the market. If a profitable proposal arrives, which could help get fresh resources for the market, Juventus would reflect on it.

Federico Chiesa is appreciated by Antonio Conte and could fit into his plans at Napoli.

Napoli, led by Antonio Conte, is also interested in Federico Chiesa. The former Fiorentina player is very much liked by Conte who is discussing the details to sit on the blue bench.

Federico Chiesa is at a crossroads. Juventus and the player must decide which path to take for the future: continue together or separate. This latter solution is becoming the most likely over time, also because the negotiation to renew the contract expiring in a year in June 2025 is at a standstill. A new meeting is expected during the week between the player's entourage and Juventus director Cristiano Giuntoli. It is already rumored that the new coach arriving in Turin (Thiago Motta) does not rave about the Italian national. Unlike Antonio Conte, ready to land on the Napoli bench. Where he would gladly bring with him Chiesa to form a respectable trident with Kvaratskhelia and Lukaku. The latter is on loan to Roma (not qualified for the next Champions League), but his card is still owned by Chelsea, with whom he is under contract until June 2026.

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