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Dani Olmo Transfer from RB Leipzig to FC Barcelona

Olmo comes from Barcelona's youth and is tied to RB Leipzig until 2027. However, his contract includes a release clause, which is valid until July. The cost is around 60 million Euros. FC Bayern is also said to be interested in him.

Barcelona has shown interest in Dani Olmo. If the transfer is successful, it would be a return to his home club for Olmo after 10 years.

Dani Olmo, a product of La Masia celebrated in Dinamo, will be the star of the upcoming transfer window. Barcelona is showing a great desire for Olmo, 10 years after he left their academy, La Masia, to go to Dinamo. Olmo's buyout clause this summer is 60 million euros. Barcelona and Bayern, Liverpool and Manchester United, which are the two mentioned English clubs according to Marca, only have time until July 15th to buy Olmo at a privileged price.

Dani Olmo can leave RB Leipzig for around 60 million euros due to a release clause that is valid until the beginning of July. After that, the price would be negotiable. Leipzig would only be willing to negotiate if the offer significantly exceeds 60 million euros.

Barcelona is interested in acquiring Dani Olmo. The player left Barcelona's academy 10 years ago to join Dinamo. There is an opportunity to buy him at a preferential price until July 15th, after which the price will increase significantly.

Marca reveals that there is a deadline after which Olmo will no longer cost 'only' 60 million euros. Barcelona is not the only one interested in the brilliant Spaniard and will have to hurry to outsmart the others, but also so that Olmo does not become more expensive. The Germans are clearly not in a hurry and would probably rather sell him after the Euros when his price could rise significantly.

Dani Olmo's transfer to Barcelona is being discussed. The player is reportedly flattered by the interest, however, there have been no concrete signals from either Leipzig or Olmo. If the transfer does occur, Dinamo is set to earn 20 percent of Leipzig's earnings, which could be around six million euros.

Dani Olmo, former player of Dinamo who currently plays for RB Leipzig, is expected to make a big transfer this summer. His potential departure from Germany has been a topic for some time, especially after another brilliant season of the Spanish offensive player. Barcelona has often been associated with Olmo, but also their great rivals Real Madrid.

Dani Olmo (26) might make a career transfer during the summer transfer window. There have been talks about his departure from RB Leipzig during the last few transfer windows, but rumors are especially frequent as the season is about to end. Barcelona is most often mentioned as the club where the top offensive player will continue his career, or where he will return after ten years.

Though Diaz is their top target, Barcelona do have other wingers on their radar in case a move is not possible. RB Leipzig's Dani Olmo is also being considered.

Dani Olmo is on the list of potential targets for Barcelona.

RB Leipzig allowed Dani Olmo to go for a fixed 60 million Euros. Barcelona, Olmo's youth club, shows interest but the overall package (transfer fee, salary) would be a major effort and the transfer fee could only be paid in installments. Olmo is flattered by the interest, but would prefer the Premier League.

Barcelona hopes to bring Dani Olmo back to its team. The transfer clause in Olmo's contract will be activated in the summer, with a fee of 60 million euros.

Barcelona is frequently mentioned as the club where the top-notch forward will continue his career, or to which he will return after ten years.

A return to Barcelona has been mooted for several years for Dani Olmo. However, the deal might be difficult for Liverpool to finalize this summer.

FC Barcelona has shown interest in Dani Olmo. The decision to acquire him will depend on the club's financial situation and the potential revenues from other player sales. Deco, the football director at Barcelona, sees Olmo as a versatile player who can play multiple positions including the attacking roles and as an interior. Olmo's physicality, goal-scoring ability, technical skills, and intelligence on the field are seen as valuable assets.

Mentioned as a potential transfer target for Barcelona.

Barcelona's sports director, Deco, and his colleagues are already negotiating with potential reinforcements. Dani Olmo is definitely on that list.

Barcelona is interested in Dani Olmo, a player from Leipzig, who has already been approached. He is considered more versatile and a goal scorer.

Dani Olmo is a player that FC Barcelona is interested in. He has good backers in Can Barça, starting with the sports director, Deco, and the coach, Xavi. He is considered a player at the ideal age to make the jump to a big club. He is a forward who tends to go inside, always thinking about facing the goal. He is ADN Barça because he grew up in the quarry. He is competitive, has character, good shot and a lot of goal, as he has shown in the national team. In addition, he can participate as an interior, inside and even as attacking midfield, as a right winger, or as nine. A 4 in 1, an important factor that is taken into account in Can Barça.

Dani Olmo is one of the possible targets for the offensive package.

Dani Olmo is on FC Barcelona's radar. His release clause is set at 60 million.

Barcelona is showing the most interest in acquiring the Spanish offensive midfielder. Olmo has a buyout clause of 60 million euros. The option of returning to Barcelona, where he played in the junior categories before moving to Dinamo, is particularly attractive. Olmo will have to decide where to continue his career this summer.

In the four years at RB Leipzig, Dani Olmo has shown excellent games and attracted the attention of the largest European clubs. Manchester City, Barcelona, PSG and Manchester United are linked with him, and he has also reportedly impressed Real Madrid president Florentino Perez. The German first division club is asking for at least 60 million euros for Olmo. When moving from Dinamo to Leipzig, a clause was included in the contract according to which the Zagreb club received 20 percent of the profit that Leipzig would make from the next transfer of Dani Olmo, the Croatian champion should put about six million euros in the cash register.

Barcelona is already in contact with Olmo's agent Andy Bar about the transfer. His club Leipzig reportedly asks for 60 million euros and does not intend to lower the price. Olmo has played 24 matches for Leipzig this season, scored eight goals and assisted five times. He went through Barcelona's football school, from which he moved to Dinamo Zagreb, which has the right to a percentage of the next transfer.

Manchester City, Barcelona, PSG, and Manchester United are interested in Dani Olmo. Leipzig is reportedly asking for at least 60 million euros for him. Dinamo sold Olmo to Leipzig for 29 million euros, and the agreement with the Germans included a clause whereby Dinamo would receive 20 percent of the profit that Leipzig makes from a further sale of the player. This means that Dinamo could receive about six million euros from Olmo's transfer to one of the giants.

Dani Olmo is expected to make a career transfer in the coming summer transfer window. Several English clubs are reportedly interested in him, but no concrete steps have been taken yet. Barcelona is the first favourite for his acquisition. Olmo's representatives had a secret meeting in the Catalan capital last week, but nothing specific has been agreed upon yet. If Olmo's buyout clause at Leipzig is 60 million euros, the Germans will make a profit of 31 million euros compared to what they paid Dinamo. Dinamo is supposed to get 20 percent of that transfer, or 6.2 million euros.

Dani Olmo could make a career transfer in the summer transfer window. There have been rumors about his departure from RB Leipzig, especially in recent days. Barcelona has shown interest in him. Olmo's representatives held a 'secret meeting' in the Catalan city, but nothing was agreed upon. If he were to go to Barcelona, he would return to where he started his career.

Barcelona is interested in buying Dani Olmo from Leipzig. They are considering paying his release clause of 60 million euros. Olmo started his senior career with Dinamo before moving to Barcelona's youth team in 2014.

Dani Olmo is reportedly in the sights of FC Barcelona, who, according to a report from 'Mundo Deportivo', have already met with the 25-year-old attacking player from RB Leipzig last Wednesday. In the meeting between Barcelona's Sporting Director Deco, Olmo's advisors Juanma Lopez and Andy Bara, and his father Miquel, Deco underlined the priority of Olmo's transfer. The Spanish national player is under contract with RB until 2027, in which a release clause over the rumored transfer fee of 60 million Euros is anchored.

Barcelona has started negotiations with Leipzig for Dani Olmo. Barcelona informed Olmo that he is a priority target for the next season. Barcelona's intention is to sign Olmo before Euro 2024 begins. However, the negotiation won't be easy because Olmo renewed his contract with Leipzig until 2027 with a clause of around 60 million euros that Leipzig does not intend to reduce.

Dani Olmo, 26, is close to returning to Barcelona, 10 years after leaving their academy La Masia to join Dinamo. Barcelona's sporting director Deco has already held a crucial meeting in the transfer process with player's agent Andy Bara. Barcelona wants to complete the deal before the European Championship and is negotiating to pay the fee in installments, hoping to succeed due to good relations with Leipzig.

Barcelona's sporting director, Deco, met with the player's agents. Leipzig has taken a firm stance; Olmo cannot leave the club for less than 60 million euros. Not a penny. Dinamo will earn 20 percent of the transfer difference, around six million euros. The player's agents already know that Olmo is Barcelona's clear target for this summer and that the Catalan club's intention is to complete the transfer before the Euros in Germany.

Dani Olmo, currently playing for RB Leipzig, has a release clause of 60 million euros in his contract, which is valid until June 2027. If any club offers this amount, the offer is automatically accepted, and the player and his agents are free to negotiate salary and other personal terms. It is expected that several offers will arrive for the 25-year-old Spanish international player. In addition to the 29 million euros compensation paid to Dinamo's IBAN during his transfer from Dinamo to RB Leipzig, it was agreed that when Olmo makes an exit transfer from Leipzig, a total of 20 percent of the revenue that Leipzig earns will go to Dinamo.

Barcelona is showing interest in Dani Olmo from RB Leipzig. A meeting has been held between Olmo's representatives and people from Barcelona. Barcelona wants to finish this deal before the European Championship. The conversation went well and progress in negotiations is expected.

Dani Olmo is likely to move to Barcelona next summer. There have been talks between Barcelona and Olmo for years, and it is clear that Barcelona will not haggle over this deal. Many claim that the deal will be concluded before the Euros. Negotiations with RB Leipzig began on Wednesday about the models by which Olmo could move to Barcelona as early as next summer. Olmo has a contract with the German club until the summer of 2027, so it is clear that Leipzig will ask for a large compensation for him.

Barcelona have reportedly held talks with Dani Olmo's representatives. A meeting took place on Wednesday morning, and then again on Wednesday afternoon - this time joined by Olmo's father. Olmo is thought to be ready for a new challenge after spending more than four years in Leipzig. He would provide much-needed competition for the likes of Pedri and Ferran Torres, and could be seen as a replacement for Joao Felix - who will return to Atletico Madid in the summer. It is understood that Olmo has an active release clause of €60 million, which Barca should be able to meet after some sales.

Barcelona is reportedly interested in Dani Olmo. The interested club will have to be ready to allocate as much as 60 million euros for Olmo.

Barcelona was interested in bringing back Dani Olmo, who came to Dinamo from La Masia in 2015.