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Bento Transfer from Athletico PR to Inter

Bento, the Brazilian goalkeeper from Athletico Paranaense, is valued at around 20 million euros. He will replace Audero who was on loan and will return to Sampdoria.

Bento Matheus Krepski, commonly known as Bento, is reportedly a target for Inter. No official negotiations are underway yet. Bento confirmed that Inter has asked for information, but no official proposal has been made. Bento expressed his appreciation for Inter's interest and mentioned that he would discuss any potential proposals with his club and agents. His contract with Athletico Paranaense is due to expire on 31st December 2026.

Bento is the preferred choice for Inter. Athletico Paranaense values Bento at 20 million. However, the increasing difficulty of getting players from Brazil at competitive prices, and the fact that Bento has made his national team debut could complicate the transfer.

The Inter management's preferred goalkeeper for the summer transfer session is Brazilian Bento. The Athletico Paranaense goalkeeper is valued at 20 million and aims for an auction.

The director of Inter has confirmed interest in Bento, the Brazilian goalkeeper currently playing for Athletico Paranaense. Bento was previously linked with Benfica as a replacement for Vlachodimos. His release clause is evaluated at 60 million euros, but Inter can acquire him for 20 million euros.

Bento Matheus Krepski, 25 years old on the next June 10, is under contract with Athletico Paranaense until December 31, 2026. His current market valuation is around 20 million euros. Maicon, the former Brazilian midfielder, spoke about the goalkeeper of Athletico Paranaense on the Forza Inter Brasil YouTube channel: 'I believe there is a real chance to see Bento at Inter. I've talked to people behind the scenes and I really think he's going. I think he may even sign a contract soon...'

Bento Matheus Krepski, the goalkeeper of Athletico Paranaense, is one of the top preferences for Inter. The Brazilian club, which is financially stable, was not in favor of selling the player last summer but has now agreed to honor its promises and let the player go. The transfer fee is estimated to be around twenty million euros. However, Inter needs to consider its priorities and budget before finalizing the deal. No final agreement has been reached yet, and Bento is open to other interested clubs. The transfer of Bento could postpone all other incoming operations, linking them to uncertain sales.

Bento Matheus Krepski, known as Bento, is a goalkeeper for Athletico Paranaense and the Brazilian national team. He commented on the rumors about his potential transfer to Inter, saying he's happy that his name is linked with the club but nothing is finalized yet. He is focused on his current club, Athletico Paranaense. Inter has reportedly secured Bento and reached an agreement with the player. His contract with Athletico Paranaense expires on December 31, 2026. The Brazilian club is asking for a fee between 20 and 25 million euros, which is negotiable. Inter needs to act quickly as offers for Bento are pouring in and there is a risk of being outbid, as happened with Vicario. The ball is now in Inter's court to decide whether to wait before selling and then try to make a move or to act in advance to beat the competition from the Premier League.

Bento Matheus Krepski, or simply Bento, is the 1999-born goalkeeper of Athletico Paranaense and has already found space in the Brazilian national team which Inter has blocked for some time by finding an agreement with the player. The contract expires on 31st December 2026 and the black and blue club must find an economic agreement with the Brazilian club which still asks for a valuation of 20/25 million euros, negotiable due to the player's will, but without excesses. The offers for him are not lacking and he will not wait forever.

Inter is interested in Bento, a player from Athletico Paranaense. His contract is due to expire in December 2026. He's valued at 20 million euros.

Inter is preparing for the 2024/25 season and has chosen Bento Matheus Krepski as their future goalkeeper. The Brazilian club has asked for 20 million euros.

At the end of the season, Inter, most likely, will not redeem Emil Audero's card from Sampdoria and will go to the market to buy a goalkeeper to join Yann Sommer for the coming season. At the top of the list is Bento Matheus Krepski, class of 1999, who has definitively exploded in Brazil. The request for the card, from Athletico Paranaense, is 20 million and Ausilio and Baccin have the opportunity to complete the squad in record time, with another purchase practically at zero cost.

Bento, the goalkeeper from Athletico Paranaense, is the only one referred to compete with Sommer among the 'nerazzurri' goalkeepers. The structure of the Italian champion has the 24-year-old goalkeeper as the only figure who can compete with Yann Sommer in goal. Bento blew away all the competition in the 'nerazzurri' analysis, says the Italian newspaper, which even states that 'Inter wants Bento, no one else'.

Bento Matheus Krepski, also known as Bento, is the primary option for Inter's future goal. Inter has been targeting the 24-year-old Brazilian goalkeeper who plays for Athletico Paranaense. They had already made moves last summer, but the high demands from the Brazilian club discouraged any offensive. Things will change in the coming weeks, competition permitting. There will be the classic meetings in the next few days, one within Inter's management and with Inzaghi, to outline the summer plans. But also that with various agents, starting from who - there is also Julio Cesar - assists Bento. The goal of Marotta, Ausilio, and Baccin is to lower the request of the Brazilian company, which does not intend to enforce the 60 clause but still asks at least 20 million euros to release Bento.

Inter is planning for the next season as the champion of Italy. There are several inclusions that will come from the market and one of these can be Bento. The Brazilian goalkeeper of Athletico Paranaense is the right profile identified by Marotta and Ausilio to grow behind Sommer and then entrust the poles of Simone Inzaghi's team.

Bento is a very concrete option for Inter. Much will depend on the demands of Athletico Paranaense.


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