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Marco Brescianini Transfer from Frosinone to Bologna

Marco Brescianini, who was bought outright last summer, and on whom Milan kept 50% of the figure collected from the future resale. Brescianini is in Napoli's orbit, but is also on the notebook of Fiorentina and Bologna. Frosinone values him at 15 million after a championship with 36 appearances and 4 goals in which he also played the false nine. Relegation will complicate the plans and lower the price, reveals

Bologna is showing interest in Marco Brescianini from Frosinone. He is one of the most promising players in Frosinone.

Bologna is also showing interest in Marco Brescianini from Frosinone. The player has made 37 appearances with 4 goals and 2 assists.

Marco Brescianini has attracted attention from Bologna after his performance in Serie A with Frosinone. Milan is also interested as they hold 50% of the future resale.