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Lucas Martínez Quarta leaving Fiorentina?

Lucas Martinez Quarta, a defender who scored 8 goals in the season, has a contract with Fiorentina until 2025, and at this moment there does not seem to be much margin for renewal. Reasons that seem to push him towards a sale in the course of next summer.

In August, there was Betis Siviglia, with a negotiation that did not go through for economic reasons: the offer of 10 million was considered below expectations.

Martinez Quarta could leave Fiorentina next summer, a year from his contract's expiration, without an agreement for renewal. He could have actually moved as early as August when Betis Siviglia, more so than Napoli, began negotiations for his acquisition. On that occasion, the Andalusian club made a proposal of 10 million euros, an offer returned to sender because Fiorentina considered it insufficient. However, the scenario could change in a few weeks because without renewal - a year from expiration - it will not be possible to pull the rope. The risk is losing him for zero shortly after...

Lucas Martínez Quarta

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