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G. Infantino Transfer from Fiorentina to Rosario Central

Infantino's adventure at Fiorentina has already ended. He may return to Rosario Central.

Gino Infantino, who arrived at Fiorentina last summer after a negotiation between Fiorentina and Rosario Central, has had very little playtime in his first year in Tuscany. Due to these numbers, the player will probably leave Florence in the summer in search of continuity and more minutes. A possible loan to Serie B does not seem to warm the boy much, who would prefer to return to Argentina for a year or six months. Among the interested teams would be Rosario Central, a company that just last year sold the player to Fiorentina: a hypothesis that the parties are evaluating with the loan formula. But Rosario may not be the only possible destination for Infantino.

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