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Romelu Lukaku  leaving Roma?

Lukaku will be leaving Roma.

Romelu Lukaku is almost certainly leaving Roma at the end of the season.

Player with a heavy wage and on loan, expected to leave.

Lukaku scored what is likely his last goal with Roma. Daniele De Rossi, the current coach, is considering his options for the next season and expressed his intention to do everything he can to improve the team.

Will Lukaku leave with Abraham becoming the striker of the future? We have not talked about any footballer, but we have made assessments based on what has been done in the past years. Perhaps it is better to value our players and create an asset that gives you continuity, but it is early

The future of Lukaku is all to be written. Hard to stay at Chelsea, a possibility could be the eventual arrival of Conte at Napoli, with the coach who has always appreciated the Belgian. Not excluding the hypothesis Saudi Arabia.

Bonanni suggests that Lukaku should be kept at all costs. He has not been helped by Mourinho's Roma and would be more useful to Roma than De Rossi. However, he could potentially be the new striker for Conte, wherever he goes.

Roma has decided not to buy Romelu Lukaku due to the high price requested by Chelsea (around 40 million euros). Additionally, his high salary of 9.8 million euros is not offset by the Decreto Crescita. The article also mentions that Lukaku seemed to prefer the tactical approach of Mou over that of De Rossi.

Lukaku has been receiving interest from Saudi Arabia, with offers involving large sums of money. No specific club is mentioned.

Player is ready to leave the club.

Lukaku is expected to start the match

Romelu Lukaku, on loan at Roma from Chelsea, is also linked with a potential switch to Saudi in the summer.

Romelu Lukaku is recovering from a minor injury. He is expected to play in the Europa League semi-final against Bayer Leverkusen. He has scored 7 goals in 11 Europa League matches.

Lukaku went out with a muscle problem against Milan.

Lukaku's loan with Roma expires in June, Chelsea wants to sell him, offers from Saudi Arabia tempt him. But if he could decide, he would continue to work at Casa Friedkin. He could be satisfied - difficult - only if he will contribute to give the owners a new and long-awaited emotion: participation in the Champions League, which is worth money to invest even on the richest salaries.

Lukaku is on the list of players that the Saudis want to bring to their league in the summer. The players will be able to choose the club for which they will sign.

Romelu Lukaku is on the 'shopping list' of Saudi Arabian public investment fund owned clubs.

Romelu Lukaku is on the list of players that Saudi Arabia wants to bring to their league in the summer.

Romelu Lukaku 

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