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Lautaro Martínez: Inter Contract Extension

Renewal of Lautaro Martinez at Inter is expected.

Lautaro Martinez's agent, Alejandro Camaño, has announced that there is a scheduled meeting with Inter next week. They are working to find an agreement that is good for both the player and Inter. The player has two years left on his contract and is very happy to be the captain of a great team like Inter.

Inter wants to secure their captain, Lautaro Martinez. The main objective is to renew the contract of the Argentine forward. The situation could therefore be unlocked at any moment as the relationship between the parties is excellent and they have the sole objective of continuing together. However, the hurdle linked to the salary remains to be overcome, with the player wanting to reach 10 million euros and Marotta not wanting to exceed 8.5-9 million and tie the variable part to the objectives. Since the famous visit of Camaño to the Madrid retreat, there has not yet been any decisive contact.

There is a mutual agreement to continue with Lautaro at Inter, as mentioned by Dario Baccin, the vice sports director of Inter. There are some numbers to be sorted out but it is believed there will be no problems.

There is still some work needed to finalize the extension of Lautaro Martinez's contract. The goal was to close it by the end of 2023, but now the aim is to have the captain's renewal signed before the pre-season retreat. The confirmation that it was not all so simple. The positive fact is evident: the will to extend is there, it will be necessary to fix the relationship between fixed part and bonus, for a contract that, all included, comes at least close to those 10 million euros requested by the Toro.

Lautaro still needs to find a good economic level.

The situation is different for Lautaro Martinez. With his agent Alejandro Camano there have been moments of tension and, most importantly, an agreement has not yet been reached. The Argentine striker aims to reach double figures: 10 million euros net per year. He currently earns 6 million net per season plus bonuses.

Lautaro Martínez has renewed his contract with Inter for five seasons, until 2029, receiving about nine million euros per year. The forward is very happy in Milan and had already publicly demonstrated his intention to extend his contract with the 'nerazzurri', throughout the season, but especially during the celebration of the club's 20th title in Serie A.

Lautaro Martinez is renewing his contract with Inter. The base agreements are in place, with the signing expected between the end of the season and the player's departure for the Copa America. The player will earn 9 million euros per year until 2029. A new five-year contract starting from the upcoming summer. There will be no termination clause.

Lautaro Martinez is moving towards a contract renewal with Inter. The contract could be until 2029 with a salary of 9 million euros per year. The signature could arrive before the withdrawal.

Lautaro Martinez has spoken about the possible renewal with Inter: 'I arrived here and everyone treated me in a special way, from those who work in the club to the fans. They have helped me a lot and I am grateful for all this. In football you never know what can happen, but I am sure that I am very well in Milan and also my family. I repeat, my will is to renew with Inter.'

Lautaro and Barella will definitely renew. Both on our part and on their part, there is a maximum predisposition to continue working together

There is still no agreement on the figures for the renewal of the contract, Camano's (the player's agent) request is very high and is around 10 million euros. A sacrifice will be needed but in Viale della Liberazione everyone is certain of the arrival of the white smoke. After the major celebrations, it may be time for a new meeting with the player's agent.

Inter is planning to renew Lautaro's contract.

The club has expressed its desire to extend Lautaro's contract. The exact timeline is not mentioned but there seems to be no urgency as there is no deadline.

If Lautaro Martinez renews his contract, he can think of staying for many more years.

Negotiations for Lautaro Martinez's contract renewal are underway but not yet concluded.

Lautaro and Inzaghi have renewed their contracts. There will be no problems, they want to continue with us and we will come to the definition of the contract. From tomorrow we can think about the future.

Lautaro will renew: the parties have never doubted the final outcome of the negotiation

Lautaro Martinez's dream is to score, win the derby at Milan's home and win the second star championship with Inter as captain, all in the same day. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, at a later time, when the title will already be safe, there will also be a signature on the new contract, which will bind him to the Nerazzurri until 2029. El Toro will receive 9 million euros per season, bonuses included. The negotiation was long, but none of the parties ever doubted the successful outcome of the operation. Only the final ok from Zhang from China was missing, but now that too has arrived.

Lautaro Martínez

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