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Albert Gudmundsson Transfer from Genoa to Inter

Inzaghi has requested for a new forward, preferably Albert Gudmundsson.

Albert Gudmundsson from Genoa, valued at around 30 million euros, is the number one target for Inter's attack. He is considered the perfect player to play in Simone Inzaghi's attack.

Albert Gudmundsson is the favorite to take Alexis Sanchez's place at Inter.

Juventus, Inter, and Napoli have shown interest in Gudmundsson. The player's valuation is around 35 million euros.

Inter is competing with Napoli to sign Albert Gudmundsson.

Albert Gudmundsson might leave for Inter in the summer with a 'Frattesi-style' formula. A loan with an obligation to buy tied to the achievement of certain conditions that will allow Inter to postpone the payment even to the budget and Genoa to settle the accounts even for the season that will come.

Inter's interest in the talented Genoa attacker is well known. However, the difficulties in finding economic resources to invest in the market by Inter could complicate the transfer.

The Inter is trying to sign Albert Gudmundsson from Genoa.

There has been talk for some time about Inter's interest in the Icelander, an operation that should involve one or two technical counterparts. And among the most involved names is the other Esposito, the younger brother Francesco Pio, currently on loan at Spezia.

Inter is preparing an offer to convince Genoa to sell Albert Gudmundsson and beat Juve and Napoli. The interest of Napoli and Juventus does not seem to scare Inter in the race for Albert Gudmundsson. The request of the Rossoblù for their most precious jewel has been known for some time and starts from a base of 35 million euros. In Inter, however, they want to try to give the Nordic talent to Simone Inzaghi and for this they are looking for the right formula able to convince the Grifone to let go.

Inter continues the hunt for Icelandic striker from Genoa, Gudmundsson.

Inter, Juventus and Napoli have shown great interest in the Icelandic striker Alberta Gudmundssona (26) who has been playing for Genoa since January 2022. The player has scored 31 goals in 84 appearances since joining Serie A, causing great interest from clubs.

Recently, Inter has come out for the Icelandic striker: "We like him" admitted the sports director Piero Ausilio, who then added: "For now we are fine like this". Yes, but the market has yet to start and the Nerazzurri are monitoring the situation.

Inter is making a decisive attempt to acquire Albert Gudmundsson, the attacker from Genoa. However, the competition and the price tag offer no guarantees about the successful outcome of the negotiations.

Inter is considering a 'Frattesi formula' for Gudmundsson. It involves a loan with a conditional obligation to buy. The transfer fee could be around 6 million euros with an obligation to buy for 27 million plus 5 million in bonuses. The obligation would be triggered under certain conditions after February 2, 2024.

Albert Gudmundsson from Genoa is the priority for Inter, but his transfer fee is prohibitive without first closing a top sale.

Inter shows interest in Gudmundsson, Genoa is open to a transfer

Inter's sports director Piero Ausilio confirmed the club's interest in Albert Gudmundsson, currently playing for Genoa. However, they are not in hurry to make a move as they are currently satisfied with their squad. Inter's interest in Gudmundsson is shared by many teams.

Inter is working with Genoa for a transfer 'alla Frattesi', based on a paid loan with an obligation to buy when certain conditions are met. Genoa has opened up to the formula indicated by Ausilio and Marotta.

The Genoa-owned player is in the sights of several big Serie A clubs. Inter was the first to move, but Napoli and Juventus are also on his trail. For its part, the Rossoblu company has opened up to its sale, but today the player's class '97 valuation is not less than 30 million euros.

Inter is also interested in Albert Gudmundsson and is considering the technical counterparts to offer to Genoa.

Inter is planning to initiate a negotiation based on a loan with a redemption obligation. Inter's plan is to initially acquire Gudmundsson only temporarily and then redeem him later. The negotiation may include Mattia Zanotti, a fullback owned by the black and blue club currently on loan at San Gallo in Switzerland. Born in 2003, Zanotti could be sold definitively, however, inserting into the agreement the possibility of repurchasing him at a pre-established price.

The player has been identified by Inter as a reinforcement for the upcoming summer. The club is currently studying the right formula to bring the player to Inzaghi's court without impacting too much on the accounts. Inter's idea is to try to start the negotiation on the basis of a loan with an obligation to buy, as happened last summer with Davide Frattesi. The club would initially like to buy Gudmundsson only on a temporary basis and then redeem him later.

In January 2024 Genoa for Albert Gudmundsson refused 30 million from Fiorentina with the promise made to the boy to let him go in the summer in front of a welcome offer. And Genoa's valuation has not changed since then because today as then several Premier League clubs (a championship he likes) are working on him. A valuation of 40 million will therefore be required, again with several youngsters who could lower the cost of the card, but which must nevertheless have a cash cost of at least the 30 million guaranteed by Fiorentina.

Inter is interested in Gudmundsson from Genoa. They are planning to use the 'Frattesi formula', which may involve a loan operation, with a mandatory buyout clause. The transfer could involve a young player, Zanotti, possibly being sent to Genoa with a buyback clause, but this is not confirmed.

L'Inter has asked for time from Gudmundsson, who has committed to giving priority to the Italian champions. There are always Premier League teams in the background and Inter cannot afford an auction. They must first make cash to collect the 30 million requested by Genoa. Some young people like Valentin Carboni, on loan at Monza, could be sacrificed to make room for the Genoa fantasist. Everything remains frozen until May 20, the expiration day of Oaktree's loan and the refinancing that President Zhang is working on.

Albert Gudmunsson of Genoa is being considered as a potential addition to the Inter's attack.

Albert Gudmundsson, the Genoa striker, is being considered as a potential replacement for Arnautovic at Inter. However, his dreams of playing in the Premier League complicate matters, as do his valuation of 30 million. Inter may need to consider technical counterparts to reduce the economic impact of the transfer.

Albert Gudmunsson, striker of Genoa, has attracted the interest of Inter. His father, Guomundur Benediktsson, mentioned in an interview that Albert loves Italy and his life in Genoa. However, he acknowledged that everything can happen in football.

Inter shows interest in Gudmundsson from Genoa. However, the transfer is complicated due to the financial difficulties of Italian clubs and the need for guarantees of debt fulfillment by third parties. The transfer price is around 30 million.

Albert Gudmundsson, a player who has been a surprise of the season for Genoa, is said to have both national and international market. He is a young and serious player who has ambitions which Genoa might not be able to guarantee at this moment. The club president, Zangrillo, has admitted his special preference for the player. However, he also mentions that it is important for both parties to evaluate and what matters is the final result. Inter is mentioned as a potential new club, but no specific details are given.

Inter is planning to do everything to bring Gudmundsson to Milan. The base of the operation will be a loan with an obligation to buy, with a youngster (probably Zanotti, now on loan at San Gallo) to be sent to Liguria to finance the same loan. The signals from the Icelandic attacker have been of openness towards a stay in Serie A and therefore also towards Inter.

Albert Gudmundsson is one of the protagonists of the summer market. The offensive winger of Genoa is closely followed by some foreign clubs, in Italy Fiorentina is always monitoring the developments on his future, he also likes Roma and Juventus and has been linked to Inter. Genoa is not inalienable the rossoblù know that as already happened in January will come offers for the class '97 and has already set a valuation of 30 million euros. For a lower figure, you don't even sit down to negotiate.

Gudmundsson, who is having a great season, is a candidate for Inter. Genoa asks for no less than 35 million.

Inter, which has identified the attack as the department on which to concentrate efforts in the summer (especially due to the lower than expected contribution from Arnautovic and Sanchez), has had Gudmundsson at the top of Ausilio and Marotta's preference list for some time, and they are studying the contours of the possible deal. With the intention of repeating an 'operation' like Frattesi': a loan with an obligation to buy and, as was done with Sassuolo, without immediately paying out money even for the loan, covering this amount with the sale of a young man on whom a buy-back right could eventually be retained. In this sense, as Il Corriere dello Sport highlighted, the right name could be Mattia Zanotti, a 2003-born full-back on loan at San Gallo and a regular in Nunziata's Under 21 Italy. A formula to which Genoa has not closed the door, although the prospect of immediate cash income can clearly be more enticing.

Inter and Juventus have shown interest in Albert Gudmundsson. He is valued at least 40 million by Genoa. He has a contract with Genoa until 2027. Gudmundsson expressed his desire to test himself at the highest possible level and has always dreamed of playing in the Premier League.

Alberto Gudmundsson, the forward of Genoa, is of interest to Inter. The player is valued by the management and a move from the club is expected in the upcoming summer. He is a very versatile player who has been used by Alberto Gilardino in the role of attacking midfielder in the offensive phase and of midfielder in the non-possession phase. According to the Corriere dello Sport, it is not excluded that a "Frattesi" move could be made, that is, taking the player on loan with an obligation to buy in 2025 and the young Zanotti would go to rossoblù.

Genoa might let Albert Gudmundsson go this summer, and Inter could be the club to acquire him. Andres Blazquez, the CEO of Genoa, has revealed there's been interest in Gudmundsson in recent weeks. Genoa has significantly increased his salary to make staying an option for him. Ultimately, a lot depends on his personal objectives. He's very well-liked at Genoa and in the city. It will be a personal decision, and we'll see what happens. If the price will rise compared to 30 million? We'll have to find the right balance between what Albert wants and what we want. Just like in Radu's case, not the situation with the highest price but the one that guarantees the best conditions for all parties. We don't want to impose anything on anyone. We've certainly talked about a price. We've had the interest of at least three in the best leagues that have expressed interest in Albert, but not only for Albert but for other players in the group.

Inter is showing interest in Albert Gudmundsson from Genoa.

Albert Gudmundsson from Genoa is one of the top names on the list of Marotta and Ausilio to reinforce Inter's attack. The Icelandic forward is valued at about 30 million euros.

Inter is showing interest in Albert Gudmundsson for building a stellar attack.

Albert Gudmundsson, who is being pursued not only by Inter and Juventus but also by Tottenham, could follow the path taken in January by Dragusin in July. Albert has explained the priorities of his life. Genoa will not impose anything on anyone. The final agreement, whether for sale or retention, must satisfy both and balance what Albert wants and needs with what they want and need. In January, they rejected an offer from Fiorentina; in recent weeks, they have received the interest of three clubs from the major European championships for Gudmundsson. They have significantly increased his salary to make Genoa a real option for his future: much will depend on his personal goals.

Inter is interested in Albert Gudmundsson, who has shown significant talent in his current championship. However, there is also interest from Juventus and some Premier League clubs.

Albert Gudmundsson from Genoa is also liked by Inter. The Icelandic player is valued at 35 million euros.

Inter is also showing interest in Albert Gudmundsson.

The surprise of Serie A has long been in the sights of Tottenham and especially Inter, but at the moment, there is no agreement with any team, which is why Juventus could intervene in the coming weeks.

The player has been repeatedly associated with Inter, but the deal is not yet done.

On the acquisition front, there are currently three main objectives: Albert Gudmundsson from Genoa.

Inter is interested in Albert Gudmundsson and is considering various technical counterparts to lower the economic outlay. The Icelandic player is currently valued by Genoa at 40 million euros, which is why Inter is ready to offer some of its most interesting young people. The first could be Mattia Zanotti, a full-back currently on loan at San Gallo where he is having an excellent season. The second is Francesco Pio Esposito, a striker born in 2005 from Spezia and the Under 21. And then Gaetano Oristanio should Cagliari not redeem him at the end of the season.